Three Things Thursday: It Begins With Fear

I’m way late in the day for posting, but I want to start a new feature on my blog: Three Things Thursday. So here come three things that are on my mind:

I think if I had nine women accuse me of rape, I’d have to take a hard look at myself and accept that maybe I’ve done some bad things. I definitely have done some bad things in my life. It sucks to accept, but I don’t want to keep doing bad things.

Speaking of doing bad things, some friends have done and said things recently that really hurt me. I want to talk to them about it, but I’m afraid they’ll get defensive. I try really hard to be open to feedback. I sometimes beg for it. I posted about that earlier this week. I don’t know how to give it because I’m so afraid it won’t be heard. This sucks.

I’m scared in general because we all seem so enamored of our own Kool-Aid. I’m open to differing viewpoints. I don’t feel a lot of that around me. It makes me feel scared and alone. This is not so good for the crazy old war veteran.


2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: It Begins With Fear

  1. I truly hope, when I gave my advice to you recently, I wasn’t in the tally that hurt you. As one of your oldest friends, I would never want to do such a thing.


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