Three Things Thursday: The Joke Awakens

I’ve spent much too long working in a book store that sits on the site of an old movie theater. In that theater I saw “Return of the Jedi” with my childhood best friend. Tonight I’m going to see “The Force Awakens” with him. Some things never change. They just grow old and moldy. We sure have.

Ladies, please do not keep your tampons where I can see them. It hurts me to think about your cramps and bleeding. I’m not period-shaming. I just don’t want to acknowledge it or know anything about it or think about it. Thank you for protecting me from your pain. #notallmen #sarcasm

Most of my posts are published with no prior feedback. I can and will screw up and say stupid stupid things, especially stupid white man things. Please tell me about them. Part of the idea is to help the straight white man learn. Please teach me.


One thought on “Three Things Thursday: The Joke Awakens

  1. I grew up with a headstrong mother (my primary abuser, yay!) and 3 likewise strong-willed sisters, so… tampons and pads just don’t faze me for some reason. I married a tomboy and my first born child is a girl, and she’s 13 now; mother and daughter figured out ways to discuss matters discreetly, but not in an odd, whimsically bizarre way (like my maternal grandmother referring to them as blub blubs).

    No, what makes me more uncomfortable is women talking about sexual matters and parts involved like it was the most hilarious thing in the world, which hasn’t exactly earned me brownie points in the blogosphere that treats BlogHer and NaNoWriMo as the blogging Olympics.


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