Three Things Thursday: New Year’s Edition

I rarely stay up for the midnight calendar flip. The last time I did was the change from 2011 to 2012. I didn’t want to be awake then either. I was searching for my bag after landing at Bagram Air Field and heard some people counting down to midnight. I guess I’m a bit of a New Year’s Scrooge.

If your self-improvement plan is focused solely on feeling good about yourself, is it really self-improvement? Shouldn’t self-improvement make you feel good about yourself because you’re making positive changes to the person you are?

Goals for the new year and beyond:

  • Read more
  • Write more
  • Boost more signal
  • Speak more truth
  • Hear more feedback
  • Get better and better


“May she be a damn sight better than the old one…”


3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: New Year’s Edition

  1. Certainly. The two go together. Does feeling good about yourself produce action toward positive changes, or is it the other way around? It depends. I like to look back before looking forward. The point is to set goals and put your plan in motion. After a lifetime of feeling bad about myself, I think it’s OK to savor the joy of feeling good about myself. A new year is a gift. Pass on the gift.


  2. You’re so right. It’s about active changes. Goals are a first step. That’s the easy part. Putting them into practice is more of a challenge. feeling good about yourself is fleeting, unless you put action behind it. Thanks for the post.


  3. I don’t set resolutions anymore for the new year. I like that you call them goals. Resolutions are easy to break and, once broken, fall by the wayside. Goals on the other hand are more of a process with successes and failures built right in. Much easier to work towards a goal than keep a resolution.

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