Three Thanks Thursday

Within a few weeks of starting my blog, I was asked to submit to On the Verge with Shareen Mansfield. They’re publishing my first professional work there tomorrow for #LinkYourLife #LinkYourCompassion. Shareen and Shawna are two of the best people I know, and they made it so easy to take this scary plunge. If you’re not fans of their work already, you need to make that happen right now.

I have had several people boost my signal and encourage people to read my blog. I need to give special thanks today to Jaklumen who recently recommended me with the words, “he’s got his own wisdom for sure”. I am truly honored and humbled.

So many friends help keep me grounded and constantly give me feedback. Sometimes my impact does not match my intent, and I appreciate everyone’s help in improving that. That is part of my mission here. And I must give special thanks to my secret blog editor Jennifer who will receive proper credit when I figure out all this technology better.


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