Listen Or Turn Away But I’m On the Verge

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Is she paying attention to something or merely looking away from me?

I had my first professional blogging experience last week at On the Verge with Shareen Mansfield. Shareen was an early supporter of mine, and I wouldn’t have wanted it to happen with anyone else.

With OTV, Shareen has created a safe space for voices like mine. There are so many more of us, and we are often stigmatized and silenced. People want to be shielded from our pain. They want to turn away.

My full story is still very much a work in progress. What’s important right now is to know that I suffer from severe Complex PTSD. At times I struggle even to feel human. Safe spaces are crucial to all people like me, and as I said, there are many of us, usually suffering in silence. In fact, I guarantee there is one of us near you “At This Very Moment…”


2 thoughts on “Listen Or Turn Away But I’m On the Verge

  1. Well said. I’m so happy you found a means to express your emotions in a safe environment. That’s so essential to the creative, therapeutic process of writing.
    I was already proud to call you, friend. But, I’m even prouder of your fortitude to share your feelings. It’s very inspirational.


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