Working to Prove Myself a Feminist

I’m really proud to be featured on Feminine Collective once again with a little explanation of why I am “Afraid to Call Myself a Feminist”.

Whether or not you choose to read my piece, you absolutely need to read “Why I am a Feminist (and other men should be too)” by the wonderful John Michael Antonio. It really hit home for me as his story very closely reflected my own.

There is an important distinction in what I was trying to write about. I’m nervous about calling myself a feminist. I’m not nervous about being one. If my actions don’t speak just as loudly as my words (and more so), then my feminism will be meaningless. If I don’t prove it as strongly as I say it, I can’t expect anyone to believe it. So while I have and will speak out against rape culture and try to destroy it, I also have to pay attention to myself. I need to own my behavior and how it impacts others. That is often the hardest work but is the most important.

I have a lot more to write on this topic, but for now, I’m going to encourage you to head on over to Feminine Collective.


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