Lost in a Fishbowl

A fascinating philosophical look at labels and respecting each other.



Imagine you’re a parent.

This shouldn’t be hard for some of you. But now imagine your child, a young girl of about 5, has an amazing talent. She totally rocks at that fish game you play at carnivals.

Where at first you’re simply indulging in her delight at possibly winning a fish and then, before you know it, you find yourself driving home with your fish game prodigy daughter who is hauling ten individually bagged fish in her arms.

You stop at the animal store, pick up a tank, rocks and a few castles and cool decorations for your new army of tiny fish that your daughter has procured.

Once the fish are set up and in their new home you call and tell one of your best friends about your daughter’s amazing, but slightly odd, talent. Being your best friend, they of course want to bust your chops and…

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