My Blue-Eyed Girl

Much larger and horribly uncooperative with picture taking.
Much larger and horribly uncooperative with picture taking.

I’ve been muddling through a depressive episode lately. Writing helps me feel better, but so much of what I write is so deeply personal that it leaves me feeling drained. So a friend suggested I write some fluff pieces, and one of them ended up here.

This piece happened after Stigma Fighters CEO Sarah Fader requested guest posts with a cat theme for her blog OldSchool/NewSchool Mom. What better opportunity to work on a fluff piece than to write about my fluffy little furball? So I pulled out a piece I drafted for my memoir-in-perpetual-progress and reworked it. I sent Sarah a draft, and it was posted within minutes. Did I mention it was a draft? I was expecting some feedback, a little more reworking… never mind.

As you can see from the picture, she’s grown quite a bit since the night I met her. (That is to say you can see that if you’ve checked out my post about her. It includes a picture from that fateful night.) In a few weeks I’ll be leaving my blue-eyed girl in the care of an old Army buddy while I travel westerly. It’ll be our first extended separation since she took possession of her throne over two years ago. People wonder how I’m going to handle it. I do too.


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