Writer’s Block Relief: Six Sentence Story (Second)

I’ve been struggling with writer’s block lately. Anxiety has been a lifelong companion, and it’s definitely getting in the way of me writing regularly. I’m worried all the time about how my words might land. I need to get back to just tapping something out and letting it be. I figured an easy way to do that would be with some flash fiction. So here I go with a six sentence story from the prompt “second”.

The second time she gave me the look removed almost all the doubt in my mind. Still, for the second time I took the safe route and kissed her cheek. We hugged, two survivors well into adulthood desperately afraid of physical intimacy. We had exchanged “I love yous” after barely a week, but we tread so carefully with the physical. Maybe someday soon I will finally share that first kiss with her, perhaps followed closely by a second. Maybe someday we’ll both overcome our fear, maybe just for a second.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block Relief: Six Sentence Story (Second)

  1. Oh, how sweet! I love this. Im glad you’re breaking the block. Seems to be going around a lot lately….oy….feel free to join in as often as youd like . the cue of the week goes up in a sunday post…welcome!

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