You Can Read Me on Across the Margin

A while ago I participated in a writing workshop with the amazing Sarah Fader, CEO and founder of Stigma Fighters. I thought I might come up with an essay for Stigma Fighters, but I ended up writing something much more scary: When “It” Happened. It was recently published on the incredible webzine Across the Margin.

It was difficult to write. It was much more difficult to submit it for publication. I’m struggling even to write this. I’ve received some wonderful support already, but I’m still struggling with the anxiety it has stirred up. It’s a fight for me not to run and hide right now, and I still have plenty more scary stuff that I hope to write.

I’ve done my best to hide the identities of the people about whom I’ve written. I don’t want to cause them any harm. I only want to tell my story and potentially help others who struggle as I do. If you’re unhappy with what I’ve written, you are free not to read and even to write your own story. I won’t stop you. And I won’t stop myself.

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