Can I…? Taking an Unofficial Shot at the A to Z Challenge

I noticed many of the excellent blogs I follow taking on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. It seemed interesting and fun, but I hesitated and didn’t sign up. After it began, I just felt like it was too late. Then one of those excellent blogs I follow (The Plagued Parent) went ahead and started today. It made me ask the question again, “Can I?”

I’m not officially signing up. I have some doubt I even can at this point, but I will give it a shot. Today I start with that question “Can I…?”

I’ve been struggling with that question a lot in various areas of my life. The most prominent one on my mind at the moment is with writing. I’m trying to hack away at a book or two. I want to get published by some more websites and come up with great stuff for my regular OTV gig as well as the other sites that have already featured me. This adds up to a whole lot of writing. Can I do it?

That mean voice inside my head keeps trying to tell me no. My perfectionism tells me none of it will be good enough anyway. For this challenge, I refuse to acknowledge that question. I’m going to do it and not care if it sucks.

Many more of those questions rattle around inside my head: about my relationship, about school, about my career, about everything in my life. Can I?

I need to quit asking that question. It’s irrelevant. I’ll either do it or not. I need to get to work and let that question answer itself.

Can I…? We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Can I…? Taking an Unofficial Shot at the A to Z Challenge

  1. WOW! What a surprise seeing ourselves mentioned here, thank you!!
    Did you officially sign up??
    I’m glad you are ignoring that pesky foe perfectionism and just writing!

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    1. I didn’t make it official. I am and will continue to be horribly scattered for at least a couple more weeks. I can’t even believe I’ve managed to keep up with the writing so far. Thank you so much for the kind words.

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