D Is for Daddy: A Guest Post from Francesca

Today we have a guest post from my kitty Francesca who kept me from doing my A to Z Challenge today. Take it away, little girl.

FullSizeRender (15)
Pay attention to me!!!

My daddy has been away traveling for a really long time. He finally came home this morning. He told me he needed to do this blog post thing because he’s supposed to do something every day. He said today he had to write something involving the letter D. I told him D is for Daddy and that I’ve really missed my daddy and that he needed to spend the day with me and take me outside and pay attention only to me.

My daddy left me with this creepy old guy while he was away. He was alright, but he’s not my daddy. So when he told me he couldn’t spend every minute of the day with me because he needed some time to write this blog post, I told him that was not going to happen. So he asked me to write something for him instead. So I did.

Wait. Daddy tricked me. This writing thing sucks, and now he’s just sitting on the couch not paying attention to me. No more writing. I’m going to run around and make a bunch of noise and drive my daddy crazy and then take a nap.


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