M Is for Madness

I suppose I could write an entire blog post about the British band that had a huge hit in America with “Our House” in the early ’80s. I remember it well. I even remember a group of us singing it on the playground in elementary school. Unfortunately, that’s about all I know about the band. So let me instead talk about some of my own recent madness.

Things be crazy. I’ve got all kinds of things shifting around. I’m trying to get on the road to see my lady once again. I’m working on selling this house that I love because the condo association is going to drive me to some serious madness. I’m trying to do an alphabetical blog post every day. I still need to do my states taxes. (I owe them money, so I’m in no hurry.) I’m trying to do all kinds of different things.

Add it all up, and I wonder how I’m managing to pound out some crappy little blog post every day. I’m definitely not keeping up on my reading or any of that social media stuff. I’m not really liking this madness. I think I need an assistant or something.


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