R Is for Recovery

When I was in the Army, recovery was mostly a bad word. It certainly wasn’t about rest and recuperation. As a wrecker operator, it meant getting a vehicle back on the road or towing it. In general, it often meant the work that had to be done upon returning from a mission, field exercise, or something similar. It was time spent cleaning weapons, preparing equipment for that next mission, and catching up on whatever was left waiting while we were away.

After a few days on the road, I’m in a similar crappy recovery phase. I’d love to spend a couple days just sleeping and relaxing. Unfortunately, I have much work to do to get myself in order. I missed two days of A to Z blogging, but I have ideas and might catch those up later. I’m definitely behind on dealing with comments and all the social media side of the blogging life. And that doesn’t even touch the correspondence and other personal social stuff I’ve put on the back burner. On top of everything else, part of my mission with this road trip is to help a sick friend. Luckily, that part requires very little from me. It’s the other stuff that has me feeling overwhelmed and wondering if I’ll ever catch up on it all.

In other news, Recovery is also this month’s On the Verge theme. Go check it out. I’m going to get back to work.


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