You So Need to #LinkYourLife

Soon after I started blogging, I managed to meet (in the online sense) Shareen Mansfield, co-host of #LinkYourLife, a fantastic Friday event. I soon joined the Facebook group LinkYourLife Connection where I have had the pleasure to meet lots of other amazing bloggers and found a wonderfully supportive community.

It wasn’t long after that I started guesting here and there on other blogs and ultimately became a regular contributor to Shareen’s Open Thought Vortex magazine. I also have done a couple workshops, including an incredible one hosted by LinkYourLife founder and OTV editor Shawna Ayoub Ainsle. (She is an amazing writer, and I’ve been lucky to have her as a guest here on my blog.)

Without LinkYourLife, I don’t know if I could keep going with blogging and writing. Recent months have brought some life changes and found me muddling through a depressive episode. So while I haven’t kept up as well as I’d like lately, I continue to find inspiration and encouragement.

LinkYourLife is having its first birthday, and in celebration, Shareen and Shawna are having a giveaway. You can get the details here and here. And if you haven’t already, join the party every Friday and the Facebook group. You’ll be glad you did. I sure am.


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