A Little #LinkYourLife Emergency

I’ve written before about the amazing LinkYourLife community, and I have to do it again in response to the incredible Shawna Ayoub Ainsle’s emergency prompt.

LinkYourLife writers are beautifully supportive of one another. We do some deeply personal sharing, and we sometimes have to deal with trolls and other negative reactions. When it happens, we rally for each other. It’s because of that kind of support that I continue working on sharing more and more of my history, much of it I’d just as soon keep hidden.

I’ve had the privilege over my lifetime to hear many people’s most painful stories. I’ve talked friends out of suicide. I helped a friend through her abortion, a choice she very much didn’t want to make. All of these people honored me with their sharing just as so many LinkYourLife writers honor all of us with theirs.

Shawna’s emergency prompt said to write of hurts, regrets, and/or triumphs. I have plenty of hurts still to write and a mountain of regrets. Triumphs are the most difficult. I’m not quite ready to write that next one right now, but I will write them all soon enough. When I do, I know the LinkYourLife community will offer their support, inspiration, and encouragement just as we try to do that today.


Jumbled Thoughts on Police and Black Lives

I’ve been hesitant to write about recent events. I don’t think I have anything really original and doubt it would have much impact anyway. Silence, though, doesn’t feel right.

I’m lucky to have been born a straight white man. I don’t experience fear and hatred on a daily basis. When I see a police car in my rearview mirror, my biggest worry is getting a ticket. The thought that I might die during an interaction never crosses my mind. Continue reading