They Used to Call Me Fossil

I tapped out a little response to the most recent flash fiction challenge from Carrot Ranch Communications. The prompt was “fossil”.

Content Warning: War, death

They Used to Call Me Fossil

Fossil, I remember when they stopped calling me by that name. I never minded it. It was their way of letting me know I was part of the gang despite being several years older than most of the guys. It seems they found that name disrespectful after I supposedly saved their lives. I’ve never been sure I saved any lives. I only know about that one life I took, the man everyone says was going to kill a lot of us. They called me a hero. I wish I could’ve let them keep thinking of me as a fossil.


4 thoughts on “They Used to Call Me Fossil

  1. Ah, Drew, in 99 words you expressed that awful cost of war, the tax on one’s soul and the way we normalize it within the group. So many layers and so beautifully painful. Great use of the prompt! Thanks for contributing!

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      1. I know that feeling, yet it is also powerful to be a truth-speaker. Those of us who struggle to find and honor our voices often end up speaking truth even in fiction. Actually, especially in fiction. I’ve found fiction to be powerful in connecting divergent thoughts, feelings and experiences. Push that publish button more often on the flash — you are talented in packing a lot in 99 words! And I have a feeling, you have a lot left to say and explore. It’s the kind of fiction that can move readers.

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