I Want to #ShareInspireConquer

Every Wednesday Thomas Ives of The Bestowing Fire hosts the #ShareInspireConquer event on Twitter. He invites us to share our positive posts which he will help promote. I always want to participate, but I’m a grumpy old man and never feel like I have anything appropriate.

Last night I took part in a discussion on a blogging group about sharing our truth, particularly as it relates to rape. It was inspired by the conquering Darla Halyk who was writing a post about rape culture and offering to share some of ours. Part of our discussion was about how such truth attracts trolls, and Darla’s post was no exception.

As I say frequently, abusers hate for the truth to be told. They will try to shut us down however they can, and sometimes their tactics work. But we keep encouraging each other. We continue to share our truth. We inspire each other. And together we will conquer.


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