Thinking About a Blogger I Never Knew

Content warning: Suicide

I’m sad that I didn’t catch onto Blahpolar until it was too late. Ulla clearly meant a lot to a lot of people, and many of them are honoring her today for World Suicide Prevention Day. I don’t have memories to share, but I decided to try and contribute in another small way. So I did a second response to the Carrot Ranch Communications Goodbye prompt.

Goodbye, Ulla. I’m sorry I never got to know you.

Leaning Into the Wind

It was a clear but chilly and breezy day as we stood on the bridge. We spent the day doing things she enjoyed, taking a long walk, holding hands, and talking about whatever sprang to mind. It was a day full of laughter and tears, the kind she always loved. It was on just such a day she first told me how she thought about killing herself by jumping off that bridge. That’s why we chose the place. It seemed like what she would’ve wanted. So it was there she finally became free, the wind carrying her ashes away.



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