Mid-Month Miscellany for September 2016

I often have quick thoughts that don’t turn into full blog posts for one reason or another. So I decided I’ll throw them into a post around the middle of each month.

One of my favorite bloggers broke my heart with this post recently. I sometimes get shy about complimenting women bloggers because I’m afraid to make them feel like that. This woman is smart, funny, a great writer, and deserving of our respectful attention.

If we were to regularly give as much attention and effort to discussing racism as we do to discussing Colin Kaepernick, we might not have any reason to discuss Colin Kaepernick. I will give him one sentence: I’m not bothered by his kneeling but do find it disrespectful when people stand with their hands on their hearts while they talk, joke, and laugh.

I refuse to write about election politics in part because there is far too much about who to vote AGAINST which you can’t really do and not nearly enough about who to vote FOR which is the only thing you can really do. Well, you do have another option which is not voting at all. That is what I fear constantly telling people who to vote against tends to drive people to do.

I doubt I’m alone with the thought that I would be forgiving of Ryan Lochte had he owned up to his bad behavior instead of offering up half-hearted, heavily qualified denials and apologies. And what the hell is “over-exaggerated”? That sounds like “misunderestimated”. I think the word he was looking for is “lied”. Exaggerating is a form of lying, and Ryan Lochte admits to going even beyond that.

In a similar vein, here’s my latest Listening Ear update: On the night of September 14, they quickly deleted some comments, most notably one that hinted at their cover-up of a second embezzlement after the 2003 one that was publicly reported. The next day they were called out for not deleting comments that personally attacked multiple people by name. Some of them were posted long before comments like the one just mentioned which they deleted quickly. Several minutes later they went on a deleting spree.

But wait there’s more. When asked if they were going to delete the comment calling them out on that failure, they claimed confusion and evaded the question. Their reply displayed multiple indicators of deception which would take a while to explain (but that’s in the works). Also, it turns out they didn’t delete the comment, but they did hide it. So much for their commitment to transparency.

Similar to Ryan Lochte, had the Listening Ear told the truth in the first place, I would’ve just walked away. Instead they’ve chosen to repeatedly lie and try to deceive the public. I’m not going to let it slide. I’m not giving up until the whole truth is told.

They love to play up their service to the community (which is actually an indicator of deception). They did not serve the community when they secretly let rapists talk to rape survivors. They are not serving their community with their cover-ups. They are and have been serving the interests of a select number of individuals.

The last few paragraphs probably could’ve been worked into a whole post. I’ve got other things to do, though. For example, I’m writing about the tactics abusers and enablers use to distract, deceive, and silence. Many of those tactics closely parallel with indicators of deception. (The Listening Ear and their supporters have provided numerous examples.)

And before I go, I have to confess I kind of ripped this idea off from that blogger I mentioned earlier. But she once told us we could.

Names have been removed.
Names have been removed.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Month Miscellany for September 2016

  1. I like how you are doing a mid-month collage of ideas in a post. Definitely, I resonate with your theme of deception. “…the tactics abusers and enablers use to distract, deceive, and silence.” This thought reflects why I always have difficulty dealing with even “small” lies. You really articulated that for me in this post.

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