Mid-Month Miscellany for October 2016

Content Warning: Death, racism, Trump, abusive/predatory behavior and enabling

I wrote recently about a lost friend. Another old war buddy died last summer. Sometime I need to write a proper tribute for both.

Fellow Linkyourlifer Lady Wilks posted a nice tribute for the 30th anniversary of “A Different World”. I was a fan of the show (and had a crush on that white girl who left after the first season). I enjoyed a few shows like this and ones featuring “Jeffersons” alums such as “227” and “Amen”. I caught heat for watching “black doo-doo” (described with different words). Not to call myself colorblind, but I just thought of them as funny shows. They also taught me a little about African-American culture and made more comfortable with the type of people I saw in those shows. Maybe we all need to watch a little more “black doo-doo”.

I had been planning to write a post about the signs Donald Trump was being deceptive in his “denial” of committing sexual assault during the second debate. I don’t have the emotional energy at the moment, though. Maybe later.

Let me not be so critical without offering my own confession. I too am attracted to beautiful women. My girlfriend is one, and so are many of my friends. It’s like a magnet. I… smile at them. I don’t even wait. Sometimes I even compliment them.

But I sure as hell don’t touch them without consent.

In related news, Melania Trump has threatened to sue a writer who accused the Donald of sexual assault. Melania is not suing over that accusation, however, but rather over the writer’s claim that she and Melania are friends. Even if that’s not true, I can’t figure out how that harms Melania Trump’s reputation. This looks like nothing more than a blatant attempt at silencing an accuser, a common behavior for predators, abusers, and enablers.

Speaking of trying to silence accusers, here’s a little bit from the Listening Ear’s most prominent troll.


The dismissal of the accusation without actually denying the alleged behavior is another classic abuser tactic. Go ahead and keep attacking the Listening Ear’s critics the way predators, abusers, and enablers do. We will not give up until the whole truth is told.



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