Silence Is Golden But Not For Me

I’ve had some busy weeks lately as I trained for a new job. Amidst all that, I lost a friend and dealt with some other triggers. It’s all left me tired, emotionally and mentally.

I’ve started writing a few potentially controversial posts but used that exhaustion as an excuse not to finish any of them. It certainly was a factor, but part of it was also my desire to avoid trolling.

My readership is not so large, and I make little effort to change that in part to avoid the negative reactions so many of my blogger buddies endure. Certain topics, though, do tend to bring those out. I chose to take a break. Part of me regrets it.

The thing I notice about these trolls is that what they really want is to silence the truth. So many survivors I know remain silent to protect themselves. So often in my life I have remained silent in order to keep peace or protect others. As my first blogversary approaches, I’m making a commitment not to be silent.

I won’t hide my truth or even hide from it. Some of it is as uncomfortable for me as it may be for others. Silence has been eating at my soul for far too long. No more. Silence is golden to some, but it is a great lead weight to me. I won’t carry it any longer.


3 thoughts on “Silence Is Golden But Not For Me

  1. Ah, Drew. Silence is only golden to whom the silence benefits and it does not benefit us survivors. Break the silence. Shatter the gold of Smaug. Speak up, speak out and write. The great thing about writing is that it’s also thinking and acting. Actively thinking is growing. Explore who you are, inquire about others, connect. And set boundaries for any abusers, enablers or trolls — this is your space, your voice. Welcome those who support your journey and block those who do not.

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  2. I so appriciate you posting this. I do as a woman, recognize how hard it is to speak up as a man when you are suffering. Let me offer you some advice. Get naked. Full blown take the risk. I was like you for a very long time stuck in the darkness afraid to speak out because I was worried about how people would react or how they would feel. It wasn’t until I stepped up and started saying “hey wait a minute my feelings matter i have value” that I started to find my light. Remember your sisters are always here for you and if you ever need to talk we’re just a message away. ❤ Te Amo my friend.

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