Some Post-Election Thoughts

The election is not officially over as I write, but the result is looking pretty clear. Here are some of my thoughts, mostly about how and why it happened.

GOP voters always vote and always vote for their candidate. They don’t stay home on Election Day. They don’t vote for third-party candidates. They vote to win. I knew a lot of Republicans who hated GWB and voted for him anyway.

Much speculation as to why the outcome differed so strongly from the polls is that many DJT voters did not speak honestly to pollsters. I prefer a less prominent theory: Lack of turnout caused HRC to underperform. (See previous thought.)

Democrats spent too much time and effort on encouraging people to vote against DJT instead of voting for HRC.

Public announcements about leaving the country did nothing to sway any votes to HRC and probably encouraged DJT voters. He was pretty strongly anti-immigrant/pro-deportation, after all.

Third-party candidates don’t appear to have had any significant impact on this election. Negative sentiment toward the two major parties may have. Building a viable third party will have to be done on the local and state levels. Until another party is regularly competitive in those elections, it won’t happen on a national level. It’ll take time and a lot of work. America has not demonstrated that kind of patience and motivation.

The Electoral College is woefully outdated and a poor method for electing a chief executive. Changing it would be another thing that will take a lot of time and effort. I have no confidence for that one either.

As for my how I feel about the result: We will endure. We must endure.


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