Mid-Month Miscellany for November 2016

img_0847I will not be wearing a safety pin. I will continue to combat hatred and xenophobia as much as I can and continue learning how to do so, including within myself. I’ll let my actions be my safety pin.

The Chicago Cubs gave up their long tradition of not winning the World Series. At the time of their previous win, the Chicago NHL franchise and the NFL teams representing Kansas City and Washington, D.C. did not exist. Atlanta’s baseball team was in Boston and known as the Doves. Cleveland’s baseball team was called the Naps (for their star player Napoleon Lajoie). So I can’t see much reason for these teams to hold on to their traditions of using blatantly racist nicknames.

I’m glad so much attention is being paid to intimidation, hate crimes, and the like targeting marginalized populations. I haven’t heard about anything I haven’t been hearing about for years, but it’s nice to see that people are paying attention, at least for the moment.

In the town immediately north of where I graduated high school, a man accused of sexually abusing at least 30 women and girls received more than 20% of the vote for school board. He dropped out of the race in September, too late to be removed from the ballot. The case has been been reported heavily on the local level and made national news. Despite all that, more than 3000 people still voted for him, and it’s hard to believe all of them were unaware. This happened in a “blue” county.

My girlfriend got me to watch “Making a Murderer”. The police work and lawyering from the prosecution I saw were incredibly poor. It made me wonder how Steven Avery was convicted. So I looked for other sources of information and came away convinced that he’s guilty. Documentaries can be interesting but are often vehicles of sensationalism. Always seek out multiple sources.

I’m tired. This month and the last have been exhausting. They have reinforced to me, though, that I feel so much better when I speak my truth no matter the cost. People with integrity can handle it. The rest can be on their way.


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