The #LinkYourLife Round-Up for November 25, 2016


It’s Black Friday, and I get the honor of hosting this week’s LinkYourLife Round-Up. For more information, check out last week’s round-up here.

We begin with some poetry from Thomas Ives. It’s a heartbreaking exploration of dealing with mental illness. However, in true Bestowing Fire fashion, he offers up some hope.

A Breakdown Journey

I am perhaps an enemy of fashion, but I am a fan of Linda Hobden’s Boots, Shoes, and Fashion. I don’t know how she does it, but she keeps managing to get interviews with fascinating people. This one is no exception. Even if you’re a fashion felon like myself, Linda never fails to be interesting and entertaining.

Be Iconic

“Welcome to your life…” and take a dive into the Open Thought Vortex. Kara Post-Kennedy works up a great playlist of ’80s songs and offers a theory of why those of us who grew up in the ’80s are the way we are.

Why Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Also from OTV, Shawna Ayoub Ainsle tells a beautiful story of how music can be triggering but also healing. Reading this made me want to make music again while also understanding some of why I don’t. Ah, but what beautiful music Shawna makes with her words.

How a Cello Healed My Heart

I have to admit I’ve never read a Harry Potter book or seen any of the movies. Quidditch, sorcery, and teen angst don’t hold much appeal for me. Lidy Wilks may have changed my mind, though. It turns out the books are full of social commentary. Now that sounds interesting and worthwhile.

Why Harry Potter Is Important Today

Shawna managed to sneak a second post into this round-up with one from her own site. The message is important, though, and one I often forget. When feelings get to be too much, I will load myself up with as much work as possible to avoid them. Shawna reminds us all to take some time to deal.

Stopping to Feel in Order to Heal

Cheryl Orgelia wrote a fun and heartwarming story of good news and an anniversary trip with her husband. He did not want to be the subject of a blog post but came out of it looking like a hero. After all these years of marriage, he’s still able to coax his wife into adventure (even though he couldn’t talk her into the hot tub). I need to take lessons from that man.

Marriage An Epic Adventure

Elaine Mansfield offered me two posts and let me decide which one to include. I couldn’t help but choose both. The first is one from her archives featuring some poetry from others that she finds healing during this time of year.

Give Thanks for the Teachings of Trees

The second one from Elaine was nothing short of amazing. Elaine writes of caring for her mother-in-law despite their long-troubled relationship. I have a wonderful lady in my life, but reading this made me jealous of the late Vic Mansfield for a moment. His wife is nothing short of an angel.

When Forgiveness Requires Patience

The closer for my round-up is another important read for this time of year. Jsack’s Mom gives thanks for grief. Like her, I’ve suffered a number of losses in recent years. I aspire to find the same positives in that grief as she does.

Riding the Grief Wave

Don’t take my word for any of this, though. Be sure to read all these incredible posts. In the meantime, I’m going to steal a little something from Thomas Ives and tell you all to #ShareInspireConquer.


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