Mid-Month Miscellany for December 2016

wildlife-230‘I never make new year’s resolutions. I do have one big goal for 2017, though: Come hell or high water I will publish a book. I’ve started a couple already. Now I need to figure out which book I’m going to finish.

It continues to perplex me that in the “Information Age”, we are still so susceptible to propaganda. It’s not the media’s fault. It’s our fault for not reading past headlines and doing our homework. The information is easily available with a small amount of effort.

In an example of that last point, I shared a blog post on Facebook with an extra bit of commentary related to it. I got multiple comments which raised questions I had answered in the blog post. Read past the headlines. It’s just one small thing that will make the world a better place.

Speaking of the media. The word “media” is plural. There is not a single entity in this world that makes up the media (or even the “mainstream media”). There are a number of organizations that need to make money in order to continue. Therefore, they tend to push stories that will draw an audience. If we continue to flock to sensationalism, they will continue to offer it. If we demonstrate demand for complete truth, they will give that to us.

I starting writing a post called “I Ain’t Giving Jill Stein a Dime”, but I promised myself to stop writing about the election. It was clear to me when reading the solicitation for funds that there was no real expectation that any results would change. It was also clear to me that a large portion of the fundraising goal was earmarked for lawyers. What wasn’t clear to me is what would happen to excess money raised. I like the idea of “election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform”, but I would need more specifics before I give money.

I didn’t give any money to the Cards Against Humanity hole either. (It was filled in after I wrote this.) I do give money to a number of charities that I expect will actually do some good in this world.

One thing I did not inherit from my mother is her amazing gift-wrapping ability. My girlfriend refuses to help me with it. This might land her on the naughty list. At least that’s the best excuse I can find to avoid wrapping presents for her.

Speaking of my girlfriend, I had a moment recently where I thought about proposing to her. Then I remembered how we discussed what a hassle it’ll be to get married with all the planning and travel and stuff. So if she’s reading this: Sorry I’m not making an honest woman out of you yet. I love you.

I’m thinking of a change after the calendar flips. I compile these thoughts over a month, and many get stale by the time I post. I even discard some due to their lack of freshness. So maybe I’ll switch to a weekly pile of this crap. Stay tuned.


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