A #LinkYourLife Holiday Round-Up


This time of year can be quite troubling. My mom always loved Christmas, and so I typically try to hide away with my grief. Last year was a particularly rough one for me as several friends were experiencing losses, triggers, and other pain. With those struggles in mind, I asked the writers from the #LinkYourLife community to share some posts that might be helpful. Here are some things they shared.

Shawna Ayoub Ainsle offers some helpful reminders for all of us during this time of year. People with anxiety like her (and me and so many other survivors) struggle to find our voices. This can lead to even the most well-meaning people talking over and trampling us. It is important for all of us to listen with an open heart.

Facing Adversity with an Open Heart

As a child, I loved getting presents for Christmas. I was so lucky to have a mom who loved giving. Stacia Fleegal wrote of her struggle between wanting to give her son material things but also instill in him a spirit of giving and inclusiveness. I’m sure she’s doing a great job.

Balancing anti-consumerism and my son’s Christmas joy

Cheryl Orgelia writes of her marriage that often reminds me of my relationship with my girlfriend. I laugh every time and hope we have half as much fun as they do. She also offers up some beautiful thoughts on life and love.

What a gift is this thing called life

Thomas Ives long had a hard time dealing with Christmas. He offers some wonderful inspiration for grieving and finding the positives in the holiday season. For someone like me who struggles with grief this time of year, this is a helpful read.

Finding joy within the pain

Elaine Mansfield knows grief all too well but has written many pieces I’ve found helpful in dealing with it. For this round-up, she shared a post about rituals, particularly ones she does this time of year in memory of her late husband.

Winter Solstice: Rituals of Grief, Hope, and Laughter


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