Rattling Change: 99-Word Flash

Written for the Carrot Ranch Communications prompt “rattling”.

Rattling Change

It seemed like he never stopped rattling the change in his pocket. From time to time someone would get annoyed and ask him to stop.

“Sure thing,” he’d say. “I’ll stop just as soon as I’m dead.”

Years later at his funeral, I couldn’t help but rattle the change in my pocket. As people turned to look at me, I pointed to his casket and said, “It wasn’t me. He lied.”

He would’ve liked that joke.

3 thoughts on “Rattling Change: 99-Word Flash

  1. Hilarious! Well done. We often talk about putting a remote controlled fart machine in my hub’s coffin. Don’t get me wrong. He’s not going anywhere for a very long time, I hope!

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  2. Ha! I love the expression of humor at a funeral. I think it’s both intimate and healing. When my best friend was dying, I helped her plan her own funeral. She requested a specific dress, and insisted her daughters would know “the one.” After she passed, and I sat with the daughters at the funeral home, tearfully executing her wishes, I explained the dress. They both said, “THAT dress?” At her celebration of life, we all three laughed and cried! She was decked out in a rainbow mumu! Even in death, she made us laugh, and your flash captures that spirit.

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