Meandering Musings Week 2, 2017


Writing was so much easier when I was hypomanic. Life was not so good, but writing was definitely easier.

One of the problems with fake news is that we tend to denounce only sites with disagreeable viewpoints. No one who reads Breitbart cares how I feel about that site. I see as much fake news from Occupy Democrats as I do anywhere else, but I rarely see them called on it.

I’ve always been ambivalent about the death penalty leaning heavily toward opposing it. That stance, however, does get weakened sometimes such as when I heard that Clementa Pinckney’s murderer was sentenced to die. (I won’t write the murderer’s name. I explained why in a long-ago post.)

A former USA Gymnastics doctor who used to work at my alma mater has been sued by 18 more young women and girls saying he sexually abused them. He is already facing criminal charges for sexual abuse of one victim in state court and for child pornography in federal court. He was denied bail by a federal judge who deemed him a risk to the community. Still, people keep saying he’s innocent until proven guilty. How come nobody ever says that in the wake of a mass shooting?

I know nothing about Backpage. I have no issue with prostitution by consenting adults. (Nevada has provided a good model for legalization and regulation.) However, I also realize that many prostitutes are not consenting and are victims of human trafficking. My hometown’s former county prosecutor coerced multiple women into prostitution and used Backpage as well as similar sites for solicitation. So I can’t join the outrage over the shutdown of Backpage’s adult services section. It’s not just a simple matter of free speech and/or consensual sex.

(Side notes for that last item: That former county prosecutor is currently serving a one-year jail sentence for his crimes. He refused to prosecute the former USA Gymnastics doctor mentioned in the prior item after complaints were filed in 2014.)

The real conspiracy in American politics is the alienation of the middle. Every side talks trash about their opponent, often espousing grand conspiracy theories. It never solves anything. Meanwhile, a large portion of the population just tunes out and doesn’t bother voting. In case you forgot, more REGISTERED voters cast no ballot in a recent nationwide election than for any candidate ever.

I never used to get the whole positive mindset thing. I figured I was too cynical and grumpy. I’ve come to realize it’s similar to things I’ve been saying for years. A couple of examples: Why bother complaining about some singer I don’t like when there are plenty I do? If you don’t want this particular candidate to win, focus on the one you do want to win. So I might give a little more of this positive mindset stuff a try.

I’ll be starting an experiment soon. It’s completely non-scientific but almost certain to confirm at least one bias I already hold.

A funny thing happened at work the other day, and I’ve had Patrick Swayze’s one hit stuck in my head. So now I stick it with you.


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