Meandering Musings Week 3, 2017


It’s inauguration week. So this will be heavy on politics but end a little lighter.

I won’t be watching the inauguration. That’s not a political statement. I’ve never watched, and I wouldn’t if Hillary Clinton had won. I’m just not that into pomp and ceremony.

I have taken an occasional peek at cabinet confirmation hearings. I’ve been displeased with most of the selections, but the lack of respect for people and the process has been horribly disappointing. Donald Trump was heavily criticized for interrupting at the debates. I’ve seen the same from respected Senators, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. These hearings are meant to vet nominees for cabinet positions, not for people to campaign.

I can’t get with the #resistTrump movement. I just watched eight years of people trying to resist the President because they didn’t want him to win and hoped he would fail. I’ll resist policies I find objectionable, but I can’t subscribe to a philosophy of resisting a person.

One of the great failings of the liberal/progressive movement and the Democratic party is that they are overly focused on opposition instead of advocacy. See the item above for one example. If we liberals hope to succeed, we need to focus on what we believe in (i.e. civil rights, equality, etc.). To fight hate, we need to focus on what and who we love.

I voted for Hillary Clinton. I personally know people who voted Trump, Johnson, or Stein. Each of them had their reasons to vote FOR their particular candidate. Not one of them thought of it as a vote AGAINST any other candidate. Maybe we should keep that in mind next time and focus on the candidate we do want to elect rather than one we don’t.

For the record, I still think Donald Trump is a predator. On the other hand, many people (even ones who didn’t vote Trump) think Hillary Clinton is an enabler. I have often been dismissive of allegations of sexual harassment/assault against Bill Clinton as well as Hillary’s possible role in cover-ups. I need to do better. I need to do my homework.

And now some predictions for the next four years and beyond:
  • Donald Trump will not be impeached. (As I’ve written before, President Pence sounds way scarier anyway.)
  • The Democrats’ nominee for President in 2020 will be someone other than Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. My money is on at least one of them not even running.
  • Donald Trump will not win a second term. I don’t expect he’ll run either.
  • Ronald Reagan will hold the record for the oldest American President for at least another decade. (This is at least in part doubling down on earlier predictions. Reagan was a few weeks shy of 78 when he left office. Trump would break the record late in a second term. Sanders or Biden would break it upon inauguration.)

My regular paying job is working at a group home for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One day after having lunch, one little lady who lives there grabbed my arm, leaned over to me, and burped non-stop for several seconds. Having surprised herself, she leaned back, gathered herself, and then leaned back in with the same results. This time, though, there were two long burps. Finally, she managed to speak and told me, “Good cook.” I wasn’t the one who had cooked lunch, but I took the compliments anyway.


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