Meandering Musings Week 4, 2017


Some time ago I bought some mixed nuts with the intention of making my own trail mix. Being lazy as I am, I procrastinated on the trail mix making. In the meantime, my girlfriend ate about half of my mixed nuts. This was no big deal until I noticed she ate almost everything but the almonds.

One political thought this week: After hearing about how Russian hacking influenced the election about 100 times too many, I decided to do some research. I have searched for scientific polling to see how many votes might’ve changed based on anything that can possibly traced to Russian hacking. I’ve found nothing. My own non-scientific polling has found nothing. If anyone can find some scientific polling to suggest widespread (or even any) change in votes that can possibly be traced to Russian hacking, let me know. In the meantime, I’d rather focus on future elections with the knowledge that excuses don’t win elections.

One more, sort of: Analyzing, diagnosing, harassing, insulting, and every other type of personal attack on the Trump family and even the man himself will not do anything helpful. It gives his supporters fuel to dismiss and criticize opponents. It also further alienates people in the middle tired of the constant mud-slinging. So can we stop with all of that already? Remember all the talk of going high? If you want to resist the conservative agenda, the answer is simple (borrowing a bit from the Clinton ’92 campaign): Focus on policy, stupid.

I chose not to participate in any Women’s Marches. I could and probably should write something much longer about my reasoning. In a nutshell, it’s because I’m not a woman. I also feel cautious about joining in commentary about Women’s Marches, but I’ve been troubled by a lot of the liberal criticism I’ve seen. I definitely think they could’ve been better, more accessible, more inclusive, etc. On the other hand, the “all-or-nothing” tone I see from many critiques is much more frightening. “All-or-nothing” thinking is what helped inspire these events.

I had a dream that I was locked up for a psych evaluation based in part on my social media posts. So maybe I should stop with the random social media posts.


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