Meandering Musings Week 13, 2017

I remember years ago a friend posting on Facebook about how amazed she was at the attention the International Transgender Day of Visibility was receiving. I thought she was losing her mind. I had never heard of it and didn’t see any attention being paid to it outside of her Facebook posts. Little did I know she was willing it into being. This year another transgender friend of mine unacquainted with the founder is speaking at an event honoring the day. It gave me a chuckle and a warm fuzzy feeling. Now I’m the one who’s amazed.

When I heard about young women being kicked off a flight for wearing leggings, I shook my head. After letting it sit a moment, I realized there was probably more to it than the furor suggested. In fact, the young women were flying for free under employee passes which carry a rather strict dress code. United Airlines did a horrible PR job, but it turns out they are not policing the fashion choices of customers.

Some have suggested that NFL teams are slow to sign free agent Colin Kaepernick because of his controversial choices regarding the national anthem. In the past two seasons, Kaepernick has started 19 games and won three. His quarterback rating last year was worse than that of Brock Osweiler. The Houston Texans made headlines when they gave away a high draft pick in order to get rid of him. Last year Osweiler was the hottest free agent quarterback in the NFL. So are teams slow to sign Colin Kaepernick to avoid the controversy or because he’s just not that good?

I am undertaking the A to Z Blog Challenge this year with a song theme. Every post will be about or at least based on a song I know and (most of the time) love. I have not chosen each of the 26 songs yet but do have the first few posts already written. Wish me luck.


2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal

I have failed at most, if not all, blogging challenges I’ve undertaken including last year’s A to Z Challenge. So naturally I’ll be trying to do it again this year. I have horrible writer’s block which does not bode well for my chances of completing this one, but I’m crazy like that.

For a theme I chose something that should be simple and could take me in a variety of directions. Some years ago I undertook a months-long project of listening to every song in my iPod in alphabetical order. So for this blogging challenge, each post will be based on a song. In fact, I’m limiting myself to songs that were part of that A to Z listening. (I already chose the one for Z. If you manage to guess what it is, you get a prize.)

My first post involves some memories and nerding out. Even the memories are of nerding out. It might be a long month. Buckle up.



Here’s a song.

Meandering Musings Week 12, 2017

My one political bit for the week: Several people talked to me about how freaked out they are with the President’s budget. It is only a proposal. Congress sets the federal budget and is completely unbound by the President’s proposal. Every two years at least 87% of all Congressional seats come up for election. If you’re concerned with the federal budget or any other federal government matters, be sure to vote in 2018.

I was scheduled to record and episode of the Sarah Fader Podcast this week. Scheduling conflicts on her end and technical difficulties on my kept getting in the way, however. So maybe next week. In the meantime, there are loads of good episodes already available. You can find it on her website, iTunes, and probably some other places if you search.

Chuck Berry died. As is typical, there was little to no talk of his known deplorable actions. He served nearly two years in prison for having sex with a teenage girl and paid a settlement to numerous women he videotaped in the bathroom of a restaurant he owned. Chuck Berry was an American icon and one of the most important figures in modern popular music. He was also a predator. It is often hard to accept that those we admire are often not such admirable human beings, but I won’t ignore either fact.

Meandering Musings Week 11, 2017

I’ve never done a DNA test to determine my ancestry but have always understood to be Irish on my father’s side. Despite that, I will not be wearing green or getting drunk to celebrate the death of a long-dead priest.

And by the way, St. Patrick wasn’t Irish.

I didn’t tune in for the “revelation” of Donald Trump’s tax returns. It wasn’t because I had some psychic knowledge that it would be a non-story. It could’ve revealed clear connections to the Russian Mafia, and it wouldn’t have changed anything.

Although I understand the news value, I also care little about approval ratings. In the wake of Operation Desert Storm in winter 1991, George H.W. Bush had a 91% approval rating. A year and a half later, he was defeated in his re-election bid.

I’ve found a few surefire ways to make people speechlessly angry during political discussions, regardless of their leanings:

  • Point out their hypocrisy.
  • Challenge their views.
  • Expose their lack of knowledge about the subject they’re discussing.
  • Ask them if they plan to do anything that might actually make the world a better place or just continue complaining that everyone else is ruining it.

We’ll never get anywhere by treating people who disagree with us as enemies. And that’s the last political comment I’ll make. For at least a day or so.

Meandering Musings Week 10, 2017

I have terrible writer’s block and a brain-battering cold. It’s a horrible combination. On top of all that, Soledad O’Brien is now following me on Twitter. Talk about pressure to get my junk in order. Help me!

I once wrote for Feminine Collective about my fear¬†with calling myself a feminist and need to do so again. That discomfort¬†has grown and evolved since then. In the meantime, there’s this nice piece from Bustle. I actually receive some of these things because I’m seen as a “feminist”.

My old crisis center, the Listening Ear in Lansing, MI lost their membership in the Capital Area Sexual Assault Response Team. The decision was made based on the Listening Ear failing to show “a commitment to transparency, accountability, integrity, survivor-focused services and best practices”. According to inside sources, keeping that membership was a primary motivation for the Listening Ear’s implementation of background checks and formally banning sex offenders from volunteering. Losing that association will likely jeopardize funding and force the center to close.

Demonstrating their lack of commitment to the transparency they promised, the Listening Ear removed their background check policy from their website. When asked if they had done away with that policy, the question was deleted quickly without being answered.