Meandering Musings Week 10, 2017

I have terrible writer’s block and a brain-battering cold. It’s a horrible combination. On top of all that, Soledad O’Brien is now following me on Twitter. Talk about pressure to get my junk in order. Help me!

I once wrote for Feminine Collective about my fear with calling myself a feminist and need to do so again. That discomfort has grown and evolved since then. In the meantime, there’s this nice piece from Bustle. I actually receive some of these things because I’m seen as a “feminist”.

My old crisis center, the Listening Ear in Lansing, MI lost their membership in the Capital Area Sexual Assault Response Team. The decision was made based on the Listening Ear failing to show “a commitment to transparency, accountability, integrity, survivor-focused services and best practices”. According to inside sources, keeping that membership was a primary motivation for the Listening Ear’s implementation of background checks and formally banning sex offenders from volunteering. Losing that association will likely jeopardize funding and force the center to close.

Demonstrating their lack of commitment to the transparency they promised, the Listening Ear removed their background check policy from their website. When asked if they had done away with that policy, the question was deleted quickly without being answered.


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