Meandering Musings Week 11, 2017

I’ve never done a DNA test to determine my ancestry but have always understood to be Irish on my father’s side. Despite that, I will not be wearing green or getting drunk to celebrate the death of a long-dead priest.

And by the way, St. Patrick wasn’t Irish.

I didn’t tune in for the “revelation” of Donald Trump’s tax returns. It wasn’t because I had some psychic knowledge that it would be a non-story. It could’ve revealed clear connections to the Russian Mafia, and it wouldn’t have changed anything.

Although I understand the news value, I also care little about approval ratings. In the wake of Operation Desert Storm in winter 1991, George H.W. Bush had a 91% approval rating. A year and a half later, he was defeated in his re-election bid.

I’ve found a few surefire ways to make people speechlessly angry during political discussions, regardless of their leanings:

  • Point out their hypocrisy.
  • Challenge their views.
  • Expose their lack of knowledge about the subject they’re discussing.
  • Ask them if they plan to do anything that might actually make the world a better place or just continue complaining that everyone else is ruining it.

We’ll never get anywhere by treating people who disagree with us as enemies. And that’s the last political comment I’ll make. For at least a day or so.


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