Meandering Musings Week 12, 2017

My one political bit for the week: Several people talked to me about how freaked out they are with the President’s budget. It is only a proposal. Congress sets the federal budget and is completely unbound by the President’s proposal. Every two years at least 87% of all Congressional seats come up for election. If you’re concerned with the federal budget or any other federal government matters, be sure to vote in 2018.

I was scheduled to record and episode of the Sarah Fader Podcast this week. Scheduling conflicts on her end and technical difficulties on my kept getting in the way, however. So maybe next week. In the meantime, there are loads of good episodes already available. You can find it on her website, iTunes, and probably some other places if you search.

Chuck Berry died. As is typical, there was little to no talk of his known deplorable actions. He served nearly two years in prison for having sex with a teenage girl and paid a settlement to numerous women he videotaped in the bathroom of a restaurant he owned. Chuck Berry was an American icon and one of the most important figures in modern popular music. He was also a predator. It is often hard to accept that those we admire are often not such admirable human beings, but I won’t ignore either fact.


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