2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal

I have failed at most, if not all, blogging challenges I’ve undertaken including last year’s A to Z Challenge. So naturally I’ll be trying to do it again this year. I have horrible writer’s block which does not bode well for my chances of completing this one, but I’m crazy like that.

For a theme I chose something that should be simple and could take me in a variety of directions. Some years ago I undertook a months-long project of listening to every song in my iPod in alphabetical order. So for this blogging challenge, each post will be based on a song. In fact, I’m limiting myself to songs that were part of that A to Z listening. (I already chose the one for Z. If you manage to guess what it is, you get a prize.)

My first post involves some memories and nerding out. Even the memories are of nerding out. It might be a long month. Buckle up.



Here’s a song.


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