“Anna” by Arthur Alexander

In a 1991 episode of “Married… With Children”, Al Bundy went on a desperate search for a song from his youth but couldn’t remember the title. He could only recall a bit of the melody and a few words. Being a nerd with a strong love for older music, I knew the song he was seeking, “Anna (Go With Him)” by Arthur Alexander.

Toward the end of the episode, Al found his song and brought home the 45 rpm vinyl on a pillow. His treasure was on the coffee table as Peg dragged him upstairs. Soon after, Kelly’s boyfriend carelessly propped his feet up on the coffee table, breaking Al’s precious record. Cue credits.

Kelly’s boyfriend managed to stick around, guesting on a few episodes to set up a spin-off that died incredibly fast. The actor, however, did alright for himself. (Sometimes failure can lead to better opportunities.)

Arthur Alexander wasn’t quite a household name, but his songs have been covered by a number of highly successful musicians from the Beatles (who did “Anna” on their first album) to Pearl Jam (who used his “Soldier of Love” as the b-side to that horrible “Last Kiss” single). At the time of this episode, he was long away from the music business and working as a bus driver in Chicago. This episode may have helped him experience a bit of a career resurgence. He released his first album in more than two decades in 1993. Unfortunately, he died soon after, just 53 years old.


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