“From the Morning” by Nick Drake

Nick Drake spent much of his life dealing with depression. He ultimately died of an overdose of anti-depressants at the age of 26. I was eight months old at the time and wouldn’t discover him for nearly 30 years.

Nick Drake released just three albums in his lifetime. (Many outtakes and works in progress have been released since.) All three are amazing but were complete commercial failures. His last album, “Pink Moon”, has always been my favorite. It’s like a simple, compact punch to your emotional heart. Other than a simple piano solo on the title track, it features nothing more than Nick Drake’s acoustic guitar and vocals. It starts brightly with the esoteric title track, dives into some deep emotional places, and finishes with this sweet, hopeful tune.

While Nick Drake did make an aborted attempt at a fourth album, this was the last song on the the last album he released. In many ways, it is a perfect swansong.

During my most emotional times, I like to listen to “Pink Moon”. It’s like a security blanket. It wraps me up and makes me feel like having feelings is perfectly acceptable. In the end, it leaves me this hopeful message.

“So look see the sights,
the endless summer nights,
and go play the game
that you learned
from the morning.”


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