“Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” by Jeff Buckley

I’m old enough to remember “Last Goodbye” being an MTV Buzz Clip. (This was back when they still played some videos. Hell, I’m old enough to remember when they played only videos.)

I didn’t get into this Buckley guy back then. A few years later I became a fan of his father Tim Buckley, a semi-famous singer-songwriter who peaked in the late ’60s. Tim would die of a drug overdose in 1975 at the age of 28. Jeff, who hardly knew his father, was nearly that age when he released his first album, “Grace”.

The best-remembered song from that album is probably his cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Halleleujah” (which would probably still be a largely-unknown song without that cover). Many other people also remember “Last Goodbye” as well, but easily my favorite song on the album is “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over”.

The song starts slowly and builds to a crescendo putting Buckley’s amazing voice on full display. Finally, it comes crashing down, creating a feeling of exhaustion from such emotional peaks.

I have to admit that it took me a few years after Jeff Buckley’s death to first listen to “Grace”. It took me another year before I was able to listen without comparing Jeff to Tim. (I hope Jeff can forgive me for that.)


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