“Will You Love Me Tomorrow” by Carole King

I could’ve easily picked another version of this song (usually done as “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”). The Shirelles probably did the most famous one, and Roberta Flack’s absolutely kills me. I had to go with Carole King’s because she did co-write the song. (She wrote the music with lyrics by her ex-husband Gerry Goffin.)

Another reason to choose this version is to mention Carole King’s amazing album “Tapestry”. It features a couple of other songs that other people had made into hits (like “Feel Like a Natural Woman” and “You’ve Got a Friend”) as well as a couple that you shouldn’t bother hear anyone else do besides Carole (like “So Far Away”).

In the age of shuffling through every song in your collection, “Tapestry” is one of those albums for which I will put everything on pause for a listen. I did it about a month ago. I might have to do it again today.


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