“Zoom” by the Cadillacs

This is probably only their third-best song (behind “Speedo” and “Gloria”), but it starts with Z. Since I used a doo-wop song to announce my A to Z theme, I figured closing with one was only right.

The Cadillacs have been pretty well forgotten by casual fans but are still highly influential. (No less than Billy Joel paid tribute to them in the fadeout of his hit “River of Dreams”. Bonus points if you can find it.)

So here’s the end. Somehow I made it all the way through the A to Z Challenge this year. I did cheat a little (throwing in an extra M and S in place of Q and X), but I did 26 posts. So there.

If all goes well, I’ll be moving on to some other fun stuff quite soon, namely a podcast. Check it out. With a little luck, I’ll have some real episodes rolling within a day or so.


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