Podcast: Living and Loving Intentionally with Alexis Donkin

Alexis Donkin was kind enough to guest on my podcast. You should definitely give her a listen.

I’m naturally a grumpy, cynical sort, but influences like Alexis Donkin have been bringing me around to different mindsets and habits. It really has made me feel much better. It’s scarily magical.

Also, feel free to vote on whether or not I should keep Francesca around for future podcasts or move into a different work space. I can’t blame all my audio problems on her, but she definitely created some background noise. (The ones that aren’t her fault are already getting better, though.)

You should be my guest. Drop a line to swmseekspodcast@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “Podcast: Living and Loving Intentionally with Alexis Donkin

  1. I enjoyed this podcast, and found Alexis’s story (and voice) uplifting. Her message about spiritual creating really resonates with me, and I can so relate to her experience that what she and her husband experienced initially felt like a downward spiral, not the American dream. It led to an important transformation and I found that hopeful. I am at that terrible low point and trying to hold on to my vision. I needed to hear, it’s still possible.

    Oh! I love Francesca’s presence. Keep the cat around for future podcasts, she had good energy.

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    1. First, thanks for the nice words! Secondly, thanks for being you – I always find you so warm and welcoming! Thirdly, Charli, you have. You can. You will. I’ve gone through all kinds of things and see so many others do it too – and I know from what I’ve seen of you, that you are a powerful, strong person, capable not only of weathering, but of transforming things into opportunities. I know it. I feel it in my heart. Much love to you!

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