Meandering Musings Week 18, 2017

Content warning: Suicide

I’ve been sidetracked by the A to Z Blogging Challenge as well as starting up my podcast. It’s time, though, for another round of my Meandering Musings.

Let me mention again my podcast with Alexis Donkin. I hate doing self-promotion, but this is really about her. I don’t do every little thing that she does, but her approach really is some kind of magical. I’ve been focusing on trying it more and more. It really does help.

I watched “13 Reasons Why” and have started reading the book. Maybe after I’m done with the book, I’ll write something more comprehensive. For the moment, I have to say I enjoyed it. I think it has a lot of important things to say and not just about suicide. I also thought there were more and probably stronger reasons than the “13”.

As for whether or not anyone should watch it, that’s everyone’s individual choice. Encouraging people not to watch it seems a terrible idea, particularly with teenagers. Watch it with them and discuss it. Telling them to stay away from the show will only push them towards it.

Someone I went to Afghanistan with committed suicide last week. Of all the brothers and sisters I’ve lost, this one was the most shocking. He was young, smart, healthy, one of the best soldiers I’ve ever met. When last I saw him, he looked to be headed toward a very bright future. This is the fourth war buddy I’ve lost in the past two years, all but one 30 or younger.


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