Meandering Musings Week 19, 2017

I have a somewhat heavy week of personal engagements and podcast bookings. I dig it, but it’s getting in the way of me coming up with my Meandering Musings.

I started writing a post about why I don’t do politics on my podcast and have mostly quit talking politics in general. Then I realized that too many people wouldn’t listen anyway, and that’s one of the reasons why I quit. So I just quit writing about why I quit talking about politics.

A second reading of “13 Reasons Why” and perhaps a second viewing of the show will be necessary before I feel comfortable offering up my own thoughts. However, this past week I’ve read two great posts, one from Sarahbeth Caplin and another from Sarah Fader. Check them out.

I was going to record a solo podcast regarding this story someone sent me from the ESPN website. I may end up doing it as part of something else in the future. In the meantime, I have to mention that I’ve never seen a case in which I believed an accused rapist who said, “It was consensual.” Going over all the other reasons why I believe he is completely guilty would take a while, but that might happen in the future.

As I vaguely wrote above, I have a few podcast bookings this week. That means I should have at least one episode ready by next week and a couple more close behind. I’d be more than happy, though, to have several more bookings. Speak to me:


Speak to me

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