Talking With Myself About Telling My Truth

I recorded a quick one, talking with myself about telling my truth. It creates a lot of anxiety for me. Part of that comes from people involved in that truth not wanting me to tell it. You’d think they are rich and powerful people afraid of losing their careers. In fact, they are non-famous people, and their names would probably be met with a large collective shrug. (I have never named these people and have no plans to do so.) The few people in the world who do know who I’m talking about are never swayed by what I have to say. So why do they worry so about it?
Maybe they don’t want to face the truth. Whatever. I will not allow myself to worry about that. I will focus on telling my story, and the characters can feel however they want.
I believe this has ended up longer than the actual podcast, but I wanted to write something to accompany it for my blog and for a little something with which I wish to experiment.
Anyway, please tell me some part of your story. Drop a line to and be my guest!!!