I Walked a Long Way to Sit Here Now

I like to do school work at my local University library. It’s a funny thing, but it helps me focus.

Working at my local University library requires me to pay for parking and then walk a significant distance (a mile or so). I understand the need for all this. After all, if parking were free and conveniently located, it would be pretty much impossible with the whole place being overstuffed.

There is a problem, though. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing about it. The parking payment is done at a little kiosk and then requires me to put a little stub in my windshield. With school in session, I had to park a fair distance from that little kiosk today. So I left my backpack in my car while going to pay for parking.

And then I forgot to put the damn stub in my windshield. And of course, I didn’t notice this until after I reached my chosen spot on an upper floor of the aforementioned local University library.

Swear words were said. Some out loud but none too loudly. (I’m in a library after all.) So after a long walk (lasting nearly an hour) and paying more money to extend my time in that parking lot, I am finally sitting in my local University library and preparing to do some school work.

But before I do that, I’m going to see if I can get a parking pass and how much the damn thing might cost.

This is how I look right now after all that unexpected walking. Trust me. It’s less scary in black and white.

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