I Be All Messed Up Today

This morning I set out for the library to get some school work done. I was also planning to record something. But my scattered brain done messed it all up.

On the school work thing, I recently got myself a little travel mouse to make things easier with my little travel computer. (I have to do a lot of cutting and pasting for an assignment due Sunday. Trying to do that with the touchpad on that ‘puter leads to much swearing and lots of time being spent on getting little done.) Of course, I decided not to prepare all that ahead of time and ended up walking out the door without it.

Mondays have been somewhat rearranged, so I’ve given up on the idea of trying to record something every Monday. I figured Friday would be a better option (with a new subtitle all figured out). Of course, I’m not really able to record at home because the wife is around and I get all weirded out and insecure. No problem, though, because I have a portable recorder. Of course, I didn’t plan that ahead of time either and walked out the damn door without it.

So I went to the library and accomplished much before heading home where I can’t accomplish a damn thing. (Well, I can. It’s just way more difficult and takes more time. Also, I can’t do that recording thing because of the reasons I wrote about earlier.) So I did get some things done today, but I’m still all messed up. This happens to me sometimes. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Good thing this is my year of not giving a shit. Otherwise, I’d probably be all messed up tomorrow thinking about how I was all messed up today.

This is an old picture of me not getting anything done because I was lazy and also because a couple furballs were demanding attention. I assure you even the one that’s not on top of me would’ve been upset had I moved.

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