Where Have I Gone, John Wockenfuss?

You thought I was going to write Joe DiMaggio. I thought the same thing until I started typing that headline. Right at the comma I changed my mind.

I’ve been thinking about things to write, but I was planning to record so I could feel more free to just ramble about all the things in my head. I even started doing it until I discovered the batteries are pretty much dead in my portable recording device. So no go there.

Of course, I have plenty of batteries and other avenues for recording at my house. However, I am not at my house. I’m sitting in my office. I think I wrote before about starting my own business. Well, I rented an office for running said business. It’s pretty cool and has a big old chalkboard that you’ll see in the picture if technology cooperates.

My brain has been mushy for the past few weeks. I limped to the end of my first term in online grad school. I got an A- in methods and A in ethics. And still I’m upset that I didn’t do as well as I could’ve and should’ve. That makes me even more happy to have left my job.

I definitely have a lot more to say about that old job, but I think that’s a whole different post. There’s way too much there.

Anyway, I was feeling the need to get something posted once again. Maybe sometime soon there will be some audio. I make no guarantees, though, as I do have quite a bit to do despite my lack of current employment. The old job gave me plenty of excuses for neglecting other things that need some attention over the next undetermined stretch of time.

So blah I’m tired of my own self right now. So here comes a picture maybe.

Old technology and new combine to make one crappy picture.