Andrew Sheldon goes by Drew to many of his nearest and dearest. Just don’t call him Andy unless you’re his sixth-grade teacher (who died in 1994). He is a disabled veteran and a feminist. A survivor of numerous traumas and PTSD sufferer, he advocates passionately for his fellow survivors and all people struggling with mental illness. He was raised by a single mother whom he dearly misses and lives quietly by a little lake with his beautiful kitty Francesca.


Associate Editor Jennifer Phoenix has long had a love affair with words. She reviews many of Drew’s drafts and gives lots of great feedback. She does not, however, have any editorial control. This means she gets lots of credit but none of the blame.

Jennifer is a disabled single mom of two young children. Between Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Depression, and Single Motherhood? Never a dull moment. She is finding the beauty in her life’s magnificent Chaos.


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