Sunday Confessions #4

Sometime after the 2016 election, I decided to stop talking politics. It seemed pointless since people weren’t listening to anything I had to say anyway. I’ve done it on rare occasions since with people who are able to demonstrate some basic knowledge of American government. I should emphasize the word “rare” in that last sentence. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m not capable of having a discussion about a topic like the Supreme Court with someone who can’t name a majority of the justices. (Hell, I asked an entire roomful of people to name four collaboratively. They failed.)

Sometimes people ask me my opinion of something in the news. I tell them I don’t know since I don’t watch the news. (It’s part of that refusal to talk politics.) It’s kind of irritating. I used to read at least one newspaper per day, often two. I like keeping up on current events. Unfortunately, I find the tribal warfare that has beset our political discourse to have made it unhealthy for me to tune in. And I know I’m not the only one. In fact, I believe a large portion, maybe a majority, of America is right there with me.

I kind of miss talking politics. While my views mostly fit with one tribe, they stray often. Unfortunately, now no tribe is interested in hearing from any other. Each one thinks they know it all. Personally, I know that I don’t know shit, and neither does anyone else. I used to think we might figure some things out if we all accepted that notion. I don’t really have much hope for that anymore.


Off the Road Again

I just noticed that I’ve failed to post for about two and a half months. I suck.

I spent a month on the road with the wife and our dog Stella. It was sometimes fun, sometimes not. The good times were worth it, though. I just need to remember not to do it again. I’m too old for that shit.

Last night I submitted the final paper for my present school term. Assuming I do well enough on that, I will soon be one-third of the way through my master’s degree. I promised myself I would take a break before things get rolling again in a week. It’s hard, though. I’m tempted to start looking at what next term is bringing.

I’m also crazy to be thinking that I want to continue educating beyond this. I really want to pursue a PhD. I’ll look into it for sure. But at my age I don’t have a lot of confidence that I can get into an acceptable program. Plus, I have to take the GRE. Yuck.

During this break, I’ll be doing some stuff. In fact, I’m hoping to get on a good track of productivity. I like my chances of that even less than for the PhD program, but you never know.

Okay, now a picture.

Stella taking up residence in her mother’s suitcase.

Where Have I Gone, John Wockenfuss?

You thought I was going to write Joe DiMaggio. I thought the same thing until I started typing that headline. Right at the comma I changed my mind.

I’ve been thinking about things to write, but I was planning to record so I could feel more free to just ramble about all the things in my head. I even started doing it until I discovered the batteries are pretty much dead in my portable recording device. So no go there.

Of course, I have plenty of batteries and other avenues for recording at my house. However, I am not at my house. I’m sitting in my office. I think I wrote before about starting my own business. Well, I rented an office for running said business. It’s pretty cool and has a big old chalkboard that you’ll see in the picture if technology cooperates.

My brain has been mushy for the past few weeks. I limped to the end of my first term in online grad school. I got an A- in methods and A in ethics. And still I’m upset that I didn’t do as well as I could’ve and should’ve. That makes me even more happy to have left my job.

I definitely have a lot more to say about that old job, but I think that’s a whole different post. There’s way too much there.

Anyway, I was feeling the need to get something posted once again. Maybe sometime soon there will be some audio. I make no guarantees, though, as I do have quite a bit to do despite my lack of current employment. The old job gave me plenty of excuses for neglecting other things that need some attention over the next undetermined stretch of time.

So blah I’m tired of my own self right now. So here comes a picture maybe.

Old technology and new combine to make one crappy picture.

Sunday Confessions #3

The wife and I went shopping today and found something interesting. I’ll put the picture below.

We had a fun conversation about a potential road trip in the future. Once upon a time I’d think this wasn’t really possible. But over the past several days I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to quit my job.

The reasons are many. It’s not that I’m all mad at my boss and fed up and all that jazz. I’ve just realized that I have a calling that needs my focus. Plus I have a bunch of other little things I want to do, including but not limited to that aforementioned road trip.

So come the end of the month, I’m out. I will officially be unemployed March 1. (Maybe sooner if things go sideways with the boss, but that is not my plan.) And I am crazily excited by the idea.

Sunday Confessions #2

I feel overloaded between work and doing this online grad school thing. My real trouble is I’m easily distracted.

This is why going to the library is good for me because it helps me focus. Of course, the internet can be distracting from time to time, but the environment is good for me. There’s something in the air that makes me feel guilty when I start getting distracted. So I don’t let it continue for long.

That being said, I’m not at the library yet. It doesn’t open for another 15 minutes. Maybe I should take a walk to kill the rest of the time.

I will not be confessing where I am right now. You might be some creepy stalker.

Also, I have other things to confess, but I figure I should limit it to one thing per Sunday Confession. Hopefully, I can remember to do this more regularly.

I Be All Messed Up Today

This morning I set out for the library to get some school work done. I was also planning to record something. But my scattered brain done messed it all up.

On the school work thing, I recently got myself a little travel mouse to make things easier with my little travel computer. (I have to do a lot of cutting and pasting for an assignment due Sunday. Trying to do that with the touchpad on that ‘puter leads to much swearing and lots of time being spent on getting little done.) Of course, I decided not to prepare all that ahead of time and ended up walking out the door without it.

Mondays have been somewhat rearranged, so I’ve given up on the idea of trying to record something every Monday. I figured Friday would be a better option (with a new subtitle all figured out). Of course, I’m not really able to record at home because the wife is around and I get all weirded out and insecure. No problem, though, because I have a portable recorder. Of course, I didn’t plan that ahead of time either and walked out the damn door without it.

So I went to the library and accomplished much before heading home where I can’t accomplish a damn thing. (Well, I can. It’s just way more difficult and takes more time. Also, I can’t do that recording thing because of the reasons I wrote about earlier.) So I did get some things done today, but I’m still all messed up. This happens to me sometimes. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Good thing this is my year of not giving a shit. Otherwise, I’d probably be all messed up tomorrow thinking about how I was all messed up today.

This is an old picture of me not getting anything done because I was lazy and also because a couple furballs were demanding attention. I assure you even the one that’s not on top of me would’ve been upset had I moved.

I Walked a Long Way to Sit Here Now

I like to do school work at my local University library. It’s a funny thing, but it helps me focus.

Working at my local University library requires me to pay for parking and then walk a significant distance (a mile or so). I understand the need for all this. After all, if parking were free and conveniently located, it would be pretty much impossible with the whole place being overstuffed.

There is a problem, though. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing about it. The parking payment is done at a little kiosk and then requires me to put a little stub in my windshield. With school in session, I had to park a fair distance from that little kiosk today. So I left my backpack in my car while going to pay for parking.

And then I forgot to put the damn stub in my windshield. And of course, I didn’t notice this until after I reached my chosen spot on an upper floor of the aforementioned local University library.

Swear words were said. Some out loud but none too loudly. (I’m in a library after all.) So after a long walk (lasting nearly an hour) and paying more money to extend my time in that parking lot, I am finally sitting in my local University library and preparing to do some school work.

But before I do that, I’m going to see if I can get a parking pass and how much the damn thing might cost.

This is how I look right now after all that unexpected walking. Trust me. It’s less scary in black and white.